Like any outdoor item, product or shade structure, professional service of your shade sail or canopy is an important process. Nothing looks worse than mold, mildew, and lichen invading your sail or canopy, so we offer a complete maintenance service to deal with these problems after your structure is installed.

To help retain the warranty and increase the life of your shade and shelter structures, we believe it is important to service your products at least every 2 years.

Our professional service includes:

– Mobile crew to come to you – no hassle or fuss on your part. We do it all!
– Structure check for holes, wearing, sags and fraying
– Removal of sails and shade structures
– Three-step cleaning process to ensure your structure looks as good as new
– Repair of any damage, wear or stretching resulting in sag and flap
– Storage of sails over winter
– Reinstallation onsite
– 24-hour support
– Maintenance Contracts available

On completion of service, we can provide a detailed report outlining all structural checks and points covered.

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