We are global shade,

shelter & fabric

structure experts.

We are global shade,

shelter & fabric

structure experts.

Looking for tailor-made, wholesale shade structures with industry-best warranties?

Manufactured in our purpose-built facilities in Northland, New Zealand, our products are expertly made to withstand the harshest outdoor conditions. Previously NuRange Products, Shade Systems Make are global leaders in the shade industry, having worked in textile manufacturing since before WWII. Let us bring you the highest quality shade products, on time, every time.

Need high-quality shade sails? From ready-made shapes and sizes to custom shade sails to suit your project, you'll find an impressive range of shade covers.

View our selection of stylish colours in a range of high-quality shade textiles, all manufactured in New Zealand.

Looking for retractable outdoor shade solutions? Wave Shades provide outdoor comfort and flexibility whatever the weather is doing.

Looking for quality, NZ-made sandpit covers that don't shrink? View our range of easy fit and secure fit options, that are still safe for children.

Custom-made to suit any space, our tensile membrane canopies are made from tough PVC, and offer protection from all weather conditions.

Looking for a comprehensive range of high-quality marine grade stainless and galvanised steel componentry? We have hardware suitable for any shade project.

From shade textile manufacture and wholesale to expert advice on your shade structure design.

Our priority is supporting you to shade your customers.

For us, part of supporting you it to generate qualified customer leads on your behalf through Canopi.

Canopi is our residential product brand with its own website whose goal is to collect a high volume of residential Wave Shade and Shade Sail leads and pass these straight on to our closest customer (you!) to follow up. When you come on board, we will add your location to our digital marketing campaigns so leads will be generated in your area.

The best thing about these residential Canopi leads? They have already seen a rough price estimate on the website so are pre-qualified and therefore much more likely to convert to a sale for you.

With over 10,500 followers on social media, Canopi has become a household name because it simplifies and inspires people to want shade before they even know they need it! 

We get Canopi leads from all over the world so would love to have you on board, no matter your location.


Our Wave Shades have a maximum length of 8m, and maximum width of 6m. Combined the maximum size per shade is 15m2. If the area is larger than this, you can shade it with multiple Wave Shades.

To clean a Shade Sail, we recommend using warm soapy water and a brush. You may need to soak the sail if it hasn’t ben cleaned recently. You can also try using a cleaning product; however we do recommend avoiding any which contain bleach where possible.

To manufacture a Shade Sail we require, all perimeter measurements, diagonal measurements to/from each fixing and pole/fixing heights from the ground. We also need you to reference if the fixings are in place, or not yet installed.

Shape in your shade sail is very important. It adds another dimension to the sail, making it look great as well as helping the sail stay tight. You can create shape in your sail by creating a height difference between fixing points.

The main differences between the shade mesh fabric is the weight, warranty, material width and colors available.

Our standard lead-times are; Shade Sails – 7 working days, Wave Shades – 4 weeks, PVC shades – 4 weeks. These can change depending on the manufacturing workload so please reach out to us if you would like our current lead-times.

This is a personal preference; each style has their perks. Wire edge does give you a bit of flexibility to tension the sail again if it loosens over time. However, webbing edge can be easier to install.

We are here to service all shade enthusiasts. We ship globally, and would love to welcome you on-board, wherever your business is situated!

We match our workmanship warranty with the warranty of the shade mesh. The fabric warranties are: Monotec370 – 15 year UV, Shadetec320 – 13 year UV, Extrablock330 – 10 year UV.

we ship globally.

Contact us to enquire about wholesale opportunities.

Get in touch today if you are looking for a new shade cover manufacturer or expert advice on your shade structures.