Covered outdoor sport, every day.

Don’t let the weather get in the way of outdoor sport. Discover the COLA™ Bowling Canopy! Maximise your space for year-round enjoyment with a shelter that not only protects the players from the sun but also the wind and rain. Constructed in New Zealand from the highest quality steelwork, the COLA™ Bowling Canopy is rigorously tested and gracefully customised to set your space apart.

Our revolutionary PVC tensile-membrane fabric blocks harmful UV radiation without losing light. With many other extras to choose from such as walls, lighting, PA systems, seating, drainage, and surfacing, let us meet your exact needs with a turn-key solution that is made to last the distance.

shade warranty
waterproof shade

Key features

  • Sun and rain protection. Heat resistant. 100% waterproof. Blocks over 99% of UV rays.

  • Product warranty: 25 years on fabric & steel. Structurally engineered. Combined with our expert workmanship for ultimate safety and longevity.

  • Lead time: 6 – 9 months. From confirmation of contract.

  • Council consent required. We take care of consent process.
  • Our largest weather protection product. Cover up to 2500 sqm with one cover, limitless sizes with multiple covers joined together.
  • High level of light transmission. From medium to high meaning no daytime lights required.
  • An extra revenue stream for your school or club. Rent the space to your community.

  • 100% turn-key solution. Let us take care of the design, council consents, manufacture, installation, maintenance and more with our experienced in-house, NZ-based team.

  • Fixed side walls. Keep the rain and wind out.

  • Fixed side walls. Dampen noise and keep some warmth in.

  • Retractable blinds. For the ability to open the canopy up to the open air if required.

  • Aluminum joinery. To lock up the canopy.

  • Scoreboards. The ability to be able to keep track of multiple scores.

Bowling Canopies are perfect for…

  • Covered outdoor bowling games at clubs.

  • Covered outdoor team huddles.


We had so much trouble with our grass green because there was so much wet weather. So we’re just hanging out to get under this cover.

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Westland Sports Hub