care for

your shade.

Time to give your shade canopy a birthday?

We’re dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction doesn’t end with the installation of your structure. Maintenance is key to keeping everything looking its best. That’s why we’re here to support you in refreshing your shade structure, reach out to us – we’re eager to assist you in making sure your shade structure stays sparkling clean!

“We arranged with Shade Systems to have the high shade canopy at Rodney College go through a full washdown and are very pleased with how it was managed. The rep was methodical in working over the canopy ensuring nothing was missed. It’s now looking very refreshed and as new again. Of special note was the special care he took with H & S processes before getting started on the high canopy structure which he managed with ease. Thanks again Shade Systems.”

Paulene Bond,
Rodney College, Auckland NZ


We offer a comprehensive clean and inspection of your structure and cover. This service retains your product warranties and keeps your Canopy looking as close to brand new as possible. Sometimes it may require the use of an elevated-working-platform-vehicle to allow us to deep clean the steel and underside of the structure. During the service, our heights-certified professionals inspect the underside of your Canopy, and do positive tests on bolts, nuts, rusting, deflection and record it for your maintenance report. If anything needs touching up or addressing, we will get in touch and organize a date to address it.

Our heights-ticketed professionals use Shade Systems Sparkle Cream and brushing to remove the contaminants on the topside. Our methodology increases the light transmission to as good as physically possible. You will be amazed at our results.

Every 2 years shade sails should be cleaned and the hardware maintained/greased, and every year they should be brought down for the Winter months and put back up in Spring/Summer. This is the standard precondition for maintaining your 10-15 year material product warranties. Our services aim to provide mint, tight and vibrant Shade Sails for their entire lives, so, it is best to sign on early to our maintenance program to get the most out of your sails.