Shade Systems on a playground

“New Zealanders are at the highest risk of melanoma and skin cancer in the world. Each year, nearly 70,000 skin cancers are diagnosed and 300 Kiwis die from melanoma”. – This is more than the annual road toll.

Summer brings with it a growing concern in many parts of New Zealand regarding the obvious lack of shade. This lack of shade is particularly concerning over public playgrounds and community spaces like pools, eating and seating areas. At this time of year, many families are out and about making the most of the summer sun in these areas. They, especially children, are constantly at risk of sunburn with the prevalent shade shortage.

An article in the New Zealand Herald spoke of research completed in the Wellington region. This research specifically focused on the lack of shade over playgrounds.  The article had some alarming statistics, saying; “95 per cent of play equipment and 65 per cent of seats or tables had no shade cover”. It’s not only Wellington that suffers from shade deprivation in community areas, but it is a countrywide issue!

Shade Systems can help!

We at Shade Systems are very passionate about the need to provide both shade and education. Shade Systems is convinced education is the most important factor for all New Zealand children to help prevent skin cancer. It is the next generation that are suffering due to the lack of awareness around UVR (Ultraviolet Radiation). More information should be dispersed on how it damages skin and can lead to melanoma.

In the past 12 months, Shade Systems have been pleased to provide shade for a number of community playgrounds and spaces. These include Mangawhai Activity Zone, Lynn Reserve, Birkdale Reserve, Lloyd Elsmore Park & Leisure Centre and Stanmore Bay Pool & Leisure Centre, just to name a few. We are thankful that these Councils are thinking of their communities and the need to offer shade to the younger generation, and proud to have partnered with them.

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