November 2017
Fabric Area
Fabric Type
Shadetec 320

Lloyd Elsmore Park & Leisure Centre

A safe place to play and cool off!

Shade Systems were thrilled to be involved in the new splash pad project at Lloyds Elsmore Park, Auckland. The new water playpark was opened to the public late November 2017, and has been a major win for Auckland families, offering children a safe and active way to have fun this summer!

The splash pad has an array of features, including mist sprayers, water fountains of various heights, and a shaded seating area designed to provide the public with a safe and fun water play area.

HEB Construction approached Shade Systems in April 2017, to give advice on a shade system design for the proposed shaded area. We worked through a number of custom shade design options, and they accepted our recommendation for two large Hypar Shade Sails. This option was not only aesthetically pleasing for the client (Auckland Council), but designed in this manner to ensure the longevity of the shade sail itself.

Shade Systems stands by the importance of the Hypar Shade Sail design. In order to ensure a strong shade sail that keeps its tension and doesn’t move in the wind, it requires a certain degree of twist to create shape. This is done by having alternating high and low corners, to twist the sail fabric. Known as a ‘Hypar’, this shape increases tension in the shade, reduces flapping in the wind, and improves overall longevity.

Our design and build proposal was accepted, following a tender process, and we were engaged as a subcontractor to HEB Construction. Pole installation was the first stage of the project and this took place late October. Once the poles were in place we manufactured each shade sail to fit exact, and these were erected mid-November as part of the final stage in the overall construction.

Shade Systems love to come up with unique and custom shading solutions with our clients. Contact us today to help you with your shade sail system.