Points to consider when buying a shade sail


Over the past few years, shade sails have become a very popular and practical shade solution. This is because of […]

A shady issue for secondary schools


The NZDSi and Cancer Society are urging the Government to provide funding and support for shade provision in New Zealand […]

A Short History of the Shade Sail


Ancient History Some people may view the use of shade sails as a modern innovation. However, a trip through the […]

Thinking Ahead


What does the future hold for tomorrow’s generation? Is it hovercars and space travel? Robots and machines to take care […]

The Sunsmart issue – what is to be done?


For many New Zealanders, both old and young, being sun smart is a woefully neglected area of life. Our largely […]

Investing in a shade structure – the concept of generational equity


I’d like to take a moment to talk about a concept that we call ‘generational equity’. Don’t worry – this […]