Every now and again Shade Systems like to branch out and do something different.

Our Product Development and Design team have been working on a vandal-proof shade structure concept for council parks and community areas. This design is so unlike anything Shade Systems have installed before. This is because it consists of timber and perforated steel, whereas we are used to handling fabric and steel framework.

The ‘woven’ roof feature constructed of perforated steel helped us come up with the name ‘Kete’ Shade. Chosen because it’s a word for a traditional Maori basket, typically woven from flax.

We put this new design to the Kaipara District Council Parks & Reserves team. They loved the idea and ordered one immediately. The fabrication and installation went well, and now, a Kete Shade stands proud at Selwyn Park Playground. Helping keep the community sun-safe when they make use of the park facilities.

Vandal Proof Shade Structure

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