School Shade & Weather Protection

Shelter for Play?

school shade play Play is a crucial part of childrens’ School experience. Their learning and development is tied to their welfare and spending time at play provides important balance to their class time.

But what if your playground is not weather protected?

Either too much sun or no rain protection makes your School’s outdoor play areas risky, or unusable during some parts of the year.

Uncovered play areas lead to sunburn, excessive cold and heat, as well as wet and slippery surfaces.

Luckily, Shade Systems have the solution!
Hip Roof Shades over your playground make an enormous improvement. Made with fabric that filters out 95% of Ultra Violet Radiation (UVR), Hip Roof Shades are also completely rainproof, and made from galvanised steel with a protective zinc coating for ultimate durability. The playground shade structure comes in you

r choice of colour, and the design means lots of headroom too. The shade cover is fixed with a fully adjustable corner tensioning system, with all components made from marine grade stainless steel.

This means no more weather-related problems in your School play areas. If your School could benefit from a Playground Shade System, Contact Us!

Shelter for Learning and Sports

school shade

Are sports events at your School sometimes ruined by the weather? The answer is a Covered Outdoor Learning Area – or COLA – from Shade Systems.

COLA’s feature an enormous clear span to fit full tennis, basketball or netball courts, which are suitable to host a number of other sports in full weather protected conditions.

Custom-designed to fit your space and aesthetics, Shade System’s COLA’s are built from premium materials and will provide generations of use – they are a strong investment in the future of your School.

You can even choose from a range of extras including full lighting for night time use, different surface options, hoops, seating, fencing, sound systems and drainage.

Read more about the benefits that adding a Covered Outdoor Learning Area Shade System could bring to your School.

Shelter for Access & Gathering

Covered Walkway for Schools

Covered Walkway at Baradene College

Shade for playgrounds and sports arenas are one thing, but getting there and gathering outside of the main shade structure safely are big issues to consider.

Once the children are in the playground, or playing sports, do the non-participants simply gather in the sun? 

The answer is a custom-designed Shade Sail System for spectators, parents and others. Furthermore, Covered Walkway Shade System’s provide full sun and rain protection as people move around your school, with a huge range of options and additional extras available too.

These can both be customised to the specific areas and design styles already present at your School, and enhance the protection you offer to students, staff and visitors.

Get Better Shade at your School

To find out more, simply Contact Us online today. We have helped dozens of New Zealand Schools improve the safety and utility of their outdoor areas with customised Shade Protection. Browse our Past Projects today to see a sample of our work and what we could add to your School’s infrastructure and student experience.