Project Profile



Shade Systems were contacted by Rubix, who worked with MOE and Koru School in their new school build. They were aware of other COLA canopies in the surrounding schools and with no shaded or covered area’s in their school, it was decided this project would be a priority spend and part of the complete new look school.

Stan the Principal suggested that whatever structures they did, they had to be one of a kind and have a strong pacific or cultural element to the design to fit in with Koru School ethos. Our in-house design team worked with Stan to tailor the shade sail and COLA designs to fit the school look and create a strong cultural element. With a good understanding of what Stan was wanting, we submitted the final design rendering with the tender package and were pleased to be awarded the project.

Originally the wings on the COLA (Covered Outdoor Learning Area) were going to have timber inserts against a black framework. However when our design team thought this through, with all the engraving required, they felt that with children kicking balls around the COLA, the smaller timber parts would be easily damaged. We suggested the idea of rusted steel which would be more long lasting and still give the same effect. The Principal agreed this was a better option.

With the shade sails, the poles are extra tall to give the feel of a ship’s sails. The COLA structure has flared wings on each column with rusted cortan steel with Koru School’s values engraved. It gives a real tribal look to the canopy. Additional lighting was also included in the COLA (Covered Outdoor Learning Area) installation.

These structures are a real asset to the school and thoroughly embrace and enhance the school’s ethos – “Koru School is an exciting learning environment where our values are part of our culture, our way of being, our way of learning. Our learning spaces are collaborative, vibrant, engaging with a focus on student achievement and helping each student be the best that they can be.

Key features

Completed – April 2021

  • Location. Auckland.

  • Fabric area. Shade Sails 98m2. COLA® 636m2.

  • Fabric type. Shade Sails Monotec370. COLA® SKY w9400+.

  • Finishing. HD Galv with Enamel Finish.