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Starshades over Outdoor Eating Area

Star Structures

A contemporary alternative to the classic umbrella

Our star structures are a large contemporary alternative to the classic shade umbrella and a stunning addition to any area. Cover large areas with these highly effective structures. They include the advantage of only having one centre pole. This means minimal visual interruptions to maximise your view. Choose star structres if you need shade for plazas, outdoor eating areas and preschools.

Maximum shade with minimal interruptions

Choose from hundreds of colour combinations and a large range of fabric colours. There are also different options of paint finishes. Creating the ultimate in innovative design that can be used as a statement or blend in with existing colour schemes. Select your size up to eight square metres. These structures remain highly cost effective, so you get maximum shade for minimal cost.

Our excellent service covers every stage. From design, through to dealing with legal requirements, planning and installation. Furthermore, because we care the most, for you and the next generation, we are committed to providing products which will offer protection against sun related damage and look great for years. That’s why we’re pleased to offer the option of care and maintenance of your star shade structure after it has been installed.

In conclusion, just to add a brighter shine, these stars come with a unique 12 year warranty. Don’t miss out!
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