Project Profile


Sports Hub.

If there were to be a project that showcased Shade Systems expertise, the structure at DWC Westland Sports Hub would be it! A bespoke turn-key project almost entirely contracted and managed by our team.

Back in 2016, we had an enquiry from a Westland High School BOT member for a COLA Canopy. The school was facing a crisis where graduates from local Primary School’s were heading across to Christchurch for their education as the city had more attraction for the youth. The local Council along with community and support groups decided that they needed to create an attraction to retain the talent. Building a public sports complex at the High School was the top voted option. The Westland Council donated most of the funds required, with local charities and the school board funding the balance. It was a massive fundraising achievement for the Hokitika community.

Our design team went to work on creating a stunning, architectural, yet very functional canopy and structure design. Given the inclement weather and their annual rainfall in Hokitika it was important that the predominant weather was mitigated. Most of the COLA structure is enclosed with walls. The bowed side walls were a design we had been waiting for an opportunity to implement, and the Sports Hub committee loved it. The end result is amazing and gives a real architectural element to it.

Given the sheer size of the structure, not only is this our largest managed project to date, the overall project really tested the team’s abilities in all areas. We had to work in with the winter weather/rainfall, transporting of materials and framework from Auckland, alternative foundations, fire/egress requirements – lots of new challenges for everyone involved.

With the use of local Hokitika subcontractors, not only did Shade Systems install the COLA Canopy itself, this project also included a lot of extra’s! New netball hoops and sockets, retractable nets to separate courts, lighting, cameras, PA systems, signage, landscape works like removing existing trees/shrubs, extending the courts, new kerbing, new fencing with new gates, side apron canopy and concrete underneath it. Fulton Hogan re-asphalted the whole area including the extension area and then a surfacing specialist coated it with Rebound Ace acrylic surfacing.

The state-of-the-art facilities are a masterpiece for both Shade Systems, Hokitika and the wider West Coast Community.

Key features

Completed – August 2020.

  • Location. Hokitika, South Island.

  • Fabric area. 2888m2.

  • Fabric type. SKY W9400+ Series.

  • Finishing. HD Galv with Enamel Finish.