Project Profile

Pigeon Mountain


“They still look as great as the day they went up!”

This was the comment principal Ian Dickinson passed when we visited the site over a year later for a further project.

Shade Systems are really thankful for the relationship they have with Ian and his team. They approached us in early 2016 to assist with a shade solution over two playground areas. We provided a number of design options for them to consider, budget depending. Ian and his team agreed that they preferred the HyparShade Sail design option. The longevity of the shades was important to them so they opted for our premium Australian-made fabric, Monotec 370 which carries a 15-year warranty.

Our design team also considered the sail edge detail and ensuring the sails were safe from vandals. Our unique webbing style edges and corner configuration was a must, to ensure that there was absolute minimal wear and tear. Initially, we also considered vandal-proof spikes. However, we made the choice to lift the height of the steel poles to ensure access was much harder. To this day the structure has been free from any vandal damage.

Gaining a complete understanding of our client’s requirements before we make a recommendation is essential and our duty. We thoroughly enjoyed the collaboration with Pigeon Mountain School.

With Ian still raving about the durability of his shade sail structure, we know we have exceeded his expectations.

Key features

Completed – February 2017.

  • Location. Auckland.

  • Fabric area. 458m2.

  • Fabric type. Monotec370 – Bundena Blue, Lime Fizz.

  • Edge Style. Webbing Edge.