Project Profile


Shade Systems’ design team get the chance to really flex their creative muscles once in a while. The opportunity to cover the outdoor eating area of iconic Nelson restaurant Hangar58 was such a chance. Our design team needed to provide a cover that would provide shelter for restaurant patrons using their outdoor area.

The final design was a one-piece PVC membrane over a dramatic curving cantilevered frame. It provides the restaurant with a structure that enhances the appearance of the outdoor space. Furthermore, it greatly increases the opportunities to use the outdoor facilities in all weather conditions, especially during the colder months. The materials used in the construction, combined with the size and shape of the canopy retain the heat and warmth in the area underneath while cold air and wind is kept out.

Despite less than perfect weather conditions, the site team enjoyed the installation of the canopy thanks to the delicious meals served up free of charge, courtesy of the restaurant! It certainly gave us an insight into why Hangar58 is so popular. We’re pleased to have had the opportunity to work with them to enhance the dining experience of their patrons even further!

Enhancing dining experiences

The design of the cover’s framework also is kept free of visual interruptions in the form of poles etc. It gives the area a light and spacious feel. It also retains the feeling of dining outside while still providing complete coverage from the elements.

Key features

Completed – November 2104.

  • Location. Nelson.

  • Fabric area. 88m2.

  • Fabric type. Hiroka 102T-IIE SAC.

  • Finishing. HD Galv with Enamel Finish.