Over the past few years, shade sails have become a very popular and practical shade solution. This is because of their versatility, stylish looks, cost-effectiveness and the low level of maintenance they require when installed correctly using quality products.

Shade sails can be used in both domestic and commercial applications. Installing shades over your swimming pool, patio, outdoor entertainment areas and carport are now very popular at many homes. Commercial uses for shade sails and structures childcare centre shade, car park shade, smoker’s area shade and cafe eating area shade.

If you are considering installing a shade sail at your home or business, there are some factors to consider. It is important that these factors are thought through carefully to ensure you receive the best product possible. Home or business owners purchasing a shade sail should be aware that there are varying levels of quality and the quality of installation methods.

Here are a few tips to consider when making the purchase of a shade sail:

  • The UV protection of the material: Not all materials have the same level of UV block. In other words, some fabrics will allow more UV radiation to penetrate the fabric to reach you underneath it than others. More expensive material does not necessarily mean better UV blocking. Make sure you check the fabric physically. Ask for samples and/or swatches. This will also give you a more accurate idea of the colours available.
  • Fittings and stitching: Make sure you use quality fittings and stitching. Many shade sail fabricators choose PTFE thread as it does not rot, stretch or deteriorate over time, unlike other cheaper threads. Fittings should be marine grade stainless steel to prevent rusting and seizing up over time which could lead to failure of the fittings. You don’t want your sail collapsing on your guests or family or taking to the skies when the wind picks up.
  • Quality of installation: You need to look at the depth of post footings, the strength of fittings, fixings to walls when choosing a company to install your shade sail. Saving money on the installation quality of your shade sail is not a good idea. It will result in a loose or saggy shade sail or a shade sail that could come loose and tear or breakaway. It is well worth spending a little more time and money to ensure your sail is installed correctly the first time around. You can then sleep easy knowing that no harm will come to it.
  • Quality of fabric: It’s a sad fact that some fabrics simply aren’t as high quality as others. Poor quality fabric will quickly shrink or stretch, the colours will fade. The cheap materials used during weaving can deteriorate, leaving your sail vulnerable to tearing. Look at the guarantees on the fabric and compare to see which will offer you the best cover. Remember – while quality fabric may not be cheap. However, the extra cost is nothing compared to the cost of replacing a poor quality shade sail or paying for repairs to the property (or people!) damaged by a failed shade.

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