Shade Sails NZ

We take safety seriously.

While creating safe and inviting outdoor spaces, the installation of shade sails plays a large role, especially in areas like schools, playgrounds, and expansive outdoor environments. At Shade Systems, the commitment to long-term safety is woven into the fabric of every project. With a core ethos of Humble, Hungry, and Smart, the team takes pride in delivering solutions that stand the test of time.

Here is an outline of the meticulous installation process, every project is completed using, emphasizing longevity and user safety. By following these steps, you can trust that your shade sail installation will not only provide immediate relief from the elements but also ensure the ongoing safety and well-being of all who enjoy these shaded spaces.

Comprehensive Site Assessment for Safety.

Beginning with a thorough site assessment, our Shade Systems Installers pay special attention to potential hazards and risks that may affect the long-term safety of the shade sail installation. This includes identifying any nearby structures, utilities, and potential overhead risks.
We also consider factors such as wind patterns, sun exposure, and the intended use of the shaded area to design a solution that ensures maximum safety for users over the long term.

Structural Integrity and Durability.

We prioritise the structural engineering of the shade sails to guarantee a 50-year design life.  Our team goes out of its way to avoid compromising safety by using substandard materials or cutting costs through reduced steel sizes.
We ensure that all components are built to withstand the test of time, providing users with a safe and reliable shaded area for generations to come.

Quality Materials and Local Manufacturing.

At Shade Systems we have a commitment to local manufacturing. Utilising our purpose-built fabric workshop and cutting-edge machinery we create shade sails that meet the highest safety standards.
Our materials selected are known for their durability and resistance to environmental factors, ensuring they maintain their integrity over the long term.

Regular Maintenance and Inspections.

We provide our customers with all the information to ensure that they can monitor the condition of the shade sails over time. This includes regular inspections to identify any wear, tear, or potential safety concerns.

To make sure that the Shade Structure is maintaining its safety standard, we recommend routine checks for signs of stress, sagging, or other issues that may compromise the long-term safety of the installation. Address any necessary repairs with your Shade Systems after-sales care team.

All our steel and materials come with product-specific warranties, and we make these aware to our customers at the time of installation.

Ongoing Communication and Support.

We establish a long-term partnership with our customers and ensure to keep them informed about updates, improvements, and best practices for ensuring the ongoing safety of the shade sails. We encourage our customers to engage in open and transparent communication to address any concerns or questions regarding the safety and maintenance of the shade sail installation.