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Covered Walkways

Shade Systems has designed and constructed many covered walkways at New Zealand schools, council assets, and business premises. We have become specialists in developing shade solutions that suit our clients perfectly, and we have the experience to work with you to ensure all your needs are met, from design to functionality.


The number one reason to develop a covered walkway is to provide shade for your customers, clients, or students.

New Zealand has naturally high UV radiation from the sun puts us at a higher risk of skin damage. Therefore businesses, schools, and institutions are taking it upon themselves to provide more sun protection for the people who use their buildings.

Shade Systems covered walkways provide Ultraviolet Radiation (UVR) protection of up to 99%, while still allowing harmless natural light to get through the canopy, ensuring a safe, well-lit walkway.


Your Shade Systems covered walkway can be designed and built to not only provide sun protection but also to provide dry walking lanes between your buildings. Water can be directed off your walkways and all drainage and stormwater connections can be taken care of by us to ensure the performance of your covered walkway in the rain.

More than that, our covered walkways provide the ultimate protection against rust and wear caused by water exposure. Our galvanized steel components are coated in zinc, done by the process of immersion, which ensures the entire surface area, inside and out, of your walkways, is protected. You can also choose an optional painted finish to get your perfect colour.

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Don’t make the mistake of thinking that a shaded, covered walkway is a dark, unappealing space. Our shade covers filter out damaging Ultraviolet Radiation but let plenty of natural light through to illuminate your walkway. We can also include a full lighting system for night-time use, with sensors to turn the lights on only when the walkways are in use.

Design and Build

Shade Systems take care of your covered walkway construction project from start to finish, designed and built to your exact specifications. We can create walkways that are open plan, well-lit, super strong with various design elements from colour & materials, to selected extras such as seating, bike racks, and pedestrian traffic management infrastructure.

To learn more about our Covered Walkways, download our PDF, or check out our Past Covered Walkway projects at Baradene College and the Hibiscus Coast Park & Ride.

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