Ball Drop – Matipo Primary School


It was a delight to Shade Systems to get yet another opportunity to deliver hundreds of soccer balls as a way to say “thank you”. Matipo Primary School in Auckland were the privileged recipients of this literal “Ball Drop”.  Shade Systems organised a crane to dump the balls onto the school field! Principal Wayne Bainbridge said, “There was huge excitement and enjoyment of the ball drop and it was not only a highlight of the year but also in the 53-year history of the school.”

Matipo Primary have used Shade Systems for a number of shade projects around their school, including two COLA canopies covering the courts. As a result, these great spaces are now usable year-round. Most importantly, they help protect the oncoming generations from skin cancer risk.

It’s always a great pleasure for the Shade Systems team to say “thank you”. We care the most! Take a look at the ball drop here

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