Manufacture – Fabric Fabrication

All Shade System projects are fully fabricated and completed in our Northland workshop. Here we have a highly skilled and qualified team with years of manufacturing experience working on our fabrication. They’ve spent years cutting, sewing and welding fabric to make them the experts they are today. We keep our team informed on job details and intricacies. Thus we ensure that each project that passes through our workshop receives the time and investment that it rightly deserves.

Fully fabricated and completed in
New Zealand

The process starts in the designer’s offices, with the painstaking conception of plans, outlines and renderings by our in-house artists. Having calculated the measurements, the job file goes to the factory manager. Then our experts get to work with innovative cutting, welding and sewing technology for a seamless, fast and efficient production process.

The Fabric Process

Once cut, we fold the fabric hems and move onto the sewing phase – or welding. If the sail is made of PVC. Shade Systems stitch our shade canopies with SolarFix PTFE thread which carries a 15-year warranty on state-of-the-art machinery. This ensures your product represents the highest standard possible. Thanks is due to the diligence of Shade System’s purchasing manager for the second-to-none quality of our materials.

Hardware Process

Finally, the fabric is ready for installation once all the hardware is attached. The stainless hardware includes corner shackles, wire-edging to the sail’s perimeter, where applicable, and the application of eyelets and corner plates.

For quality control, we rely on our QC manager, who makes a final quality control check before we fold the project, and dispatch it to the client’s site for our installation team to get to work. We double-check all the specs, test the seams, and cut all loose threads. We also scan the fabric for any snags or pulls. Our goals are your satisfaction. When only the best will do, you can depend on Shade Systems to offer:

  • The industry’s best warranties on our materials
  • Monoplane anti-clastic fabric membranes
  • 3-dimensional architectural fabric membranes
  • The biggest variety of architectural fabrics available on the market
  • Tailor-made NZ manufacture – made to perfectly suit your requirements
  • An exact fit through custom designs

Steel Fabrication of Structures

The Shade Systems design team and project team plan and consider every component of a structure. We use the best quality raw materials that are available.

Our steel structures are famous in our industry for the quality that comes from being fabricated in New Zealand. Shade Systems oversees the rolling, welding, galvanising and the painting processes of our structures. This ensures the framework is suited to and structurally engineered to withstand the NZ climate.

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