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Here at Shade Systems, we have a team who brings combined experience of over 150 years to help you realise your dream or solve your problem. We guarantee custom designed shade and shelter solutions that will not only provide the needed function, but also add that edge of difference – that ‘wow!’ factor that is often lacking in many projects these days.

Bespoke innovation is what we do best.

Innovative canopy designs made in
New Zealand

We are constantly researching the industry so that we can provide the most relevant options and solutions.

So we are not only fulfilling your needs and requirements but going to the next level and exceeding them in every possible way. Shade Systems offer complete project management – we do it all!

Our designer shade solutions are innovative and functional at the same time.

So, here’s what we offer you when it comes to design:

  • Site visits to ensure everything we design is the right size

  • Dedicated in-house designers

  • Detailed concept drawings and elevations, both 2 and 3-D so all angles can be viewed

  • Exploration of options, so you can choose the best structure for you. Sometimes, every path is an option. Then it is just a matter of choosing one.

  • Colour and style advice – ensuring you’ll make a statement or successfully blend with existing architecture

  • Custom designed shade structures which are always suited to your particular site, taking into account factors such as prevailing winds, site access, ground conditions and sun paths, ensuring for shade performs to its maximum ability

  • Advise on optional extra’s e.g. lighting, PA systems

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Every building project must comply with the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA) and the Building Act 2004 (the Building Act). These laws define the situations in which you need a resource consent and/or a building consent; and what you need to do to get them.

It is required to have building consent from your local council for any Shade Sail that is:

  • over 50m2 or,
  • is less than 1m from a boundary or,
  • is above ground level.

Any Canopy or Hip Roof structure over 20m2 also requires a building consent.
Even when a Sail or Canopy does not require building consent they may require resource consent.

Even if no consents are required, we design and build all of our structures to meet the NZ Building Code.

Environmental Care

Sustainable Design is one of the most important issues in the architectural world today.

With that in mind, it is essential that Shade Systems produce products and services in a way that has minimal environmental impact. The design team at Shade Systems takes this into account and creates shade proposals considering these key components: materials used and the construction/installation process.

The manufacturing team make sure any fabric scraps or old shade sails are collected up and sent to a recycling plant. Our fabricators send steel to the scrap metal almost once a week.

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