One thousand soccer balls dumped onto the netball courts at Gladstone Primary School, simply so Shade Systems could say thank you!

In a promotion from our innovative company, Shade Systems delivered one thousand soccer balls to the Auckland school. A large truck delivered and dumped the balls onto the courts for the students to enjoy. And they are looking for the next school to do it all over again.

Shade Systems operations manager Luke Suckling says the promotion is simple. Any school that purchased a COLA canopy to go over their sports courts would receive a soccer ball for every student at that school. Already a number of schools have taken up the offer and Shade Systems have been delivering balls by the truckload.

Gladstone School – Shade Systems – Football Giveaway from Mint Video on Vimeo.

Why soccer balls?

“We had a big brainstorm about what we could do for the schools that purchased a COLA canopy. Thus we thought soccer balls were a great option for girls and boys. Plus it goes along with the emphasis on outdoor activity that we promote here at Shade Systems,” Luke says.

“We are committed to reducing the number of skin cancer cases reported each year in New Zealand. Shade Systems aims to do this through the design and implementation of safe shade structures at schools, parks and other locations, across New Zealand. Therefore we use fabrics that block up to 99 percent of UV rays without sacrificing the light transmission, ensuring great protection. It was a lot of fun to deliver the balls to Gladstone Primary School and watch the kids’ faces as they tumbled out of the truck and covered the courts. We look forward to doing it again at the next school!”

Luke says the canopies offer a high level of protection against the damaging rays of the sun. It also creates new outdoor spaces for children to learn, even when it’s raining.

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