8 Undeniable reasons YOUR SCHOOL needs a COLA canopy

  1. A COLA canopy by Shade Systems is a fantastic way for the school to engage with other community groups by hiring out the area at night. This also helps to generate revenue for the school which can be used for future improvements!
  2. Expands available play areas during the winter for the children, (and in summer for those without hats). Also allows for outdoor curriculum activities to continue without interruption, regardless of the weather.
  3. Makes your school a more attractive for potential enrollees.
  4. Protects your courts. UV won’t damage your artificial turf and also keeps it dry. If you don’t have artificial turf on your courts, a COLA will keep the water off your asphalt. Thus the asphalt will last longer too!
  5. Protects students from the sun. The fabric used in the cover provides 100% UV radiation block. This hugely reduces the chances of students receiving skin damage from overexposure to UV radiation, which can cause skin cancer in later life.
  6. A COLA canopy by Shade Systems supports healthy outdoor activity for students by providing a clean, dry and shaded area. As a result, this is another area where they can play, and lessons can take place.
  7. Cost-effective alternative to building new or extending old school buildings. COLA canopies by Shade Systems offer all the benefits a new hall will give at a mere fraction of the cost. They’re also much quicker to construct. Thus interruptions to the running of your school will be greatly minimised (and installation costs are kept to a minimum).
  8. A COLA canopy by Shade Systems creates generational equity. Thanks to the lifetime guarantee on the workmanship of these products, generations of students to come will be able to benefit from a COLA.

Contact Shade Systems to discuss the specific benefits a COLA canopy could offer YOUR school. Also, if you order one before 31st December 2015, your school will receive a free soccer ball for every student enrolled!