We’re a New Zealand-owned and operated company and are fully committed to providing shelter for generations. Here’s a brief overview to take you through the many reasons why Shade Systems we are trustworthy to manage your project.

Shade Umbrella NZ

1. values.

Our core values at Shade Systems NZ Ltd is Humble, Hungry and Smart.
This means we do things for others, are driven to get things done, and are considerate and care about those we deal with.
You can trust and rely on every staff member we employ.

2. longevity.

Every canopy we build is designed with Structural Engineering of a 50-year design life. It is possible, and other suppliers in the market may build to 25-year life specifications – We are not interested in cutting costs through reduced steel sizes and design by this method.
Your investment will last for generations.

3. inventory.

Shade Systems are committed to carrying a very large stock of steel, fabric and components. This means we have materials on hand ready to start production as soon as the planning is done. We hold over 3 million dollars of raw materials!
Your project will not be held up due to shipping or supply issues.

4. NZ fabrication.

Shade Systems NZ Ltd manufactures all structures right here in NZ. We have a purpose-built fabric workshop with cutting-edge machinery, in fact, our newest robot-type walking high-frequency PVC fabric welder is the only one in Australasia! We also have a steel fabrication workshop, which includes steel warehousing, cutting, welding and New Zealand’s largest DAVI pipe bender!
Your steel frame or fabric cover is not made offshore and cannot be held up by shipping delays or international disruption or unrest.

5. transport.

We own and operate modern, certified crane trucks, 6-wheeler transport and custom trailers made specifically for shade and canopy installation. Our employed drivers are experienced and qualified and hold health and safety competency in keeping with our site requirements eliminating less known people on your property/school. We have eliminated delays by not having to rely on external contractors and transport issues outside our control.

6. visibility.

We have nothing to hide and believe that ‘communication’ is key. We are always open and transparent and here to help you.
Check out the photos of all staff members on the website, we are contactable and ready to assist.

7. long haul.

Shade Systems is in this for the long haul. We are constantly refining and innovating our products and processes to deliver better value. We have clearly defined 10-year goals, growth targets, a long-term vision, stringent risk mitigation and a solid succession plan.
You can count on Shade Systems NZ Ltd being here and standing by our products and workmanship for many, many years to come.

8. health and safety.

We have approved systems and procedures in place to protect your people, the surrounding public, our staff and contractors. All licenses and qualifications are held and kept up to date. You have peace of mind while our team is on your site.

9. family.

Shade Systems is a 3rd generation family business, and while structured and disciplined it also has a friendly and down-to-earth team, right through the organisation. You will experience a motivated and friendly team at every touch point, as our many testimonials confirm.

10. experience.

There is a wealth of experience and knowledge throughout our team. We have a people who know, and love, what they are doing. All team leaders have worked their way up through the business; hence they have had hands-on experience and a variety of training in multiple areas. We are focused on what we are best at and would be honest in discussing with you if you could be better served by other products or services.

You will have peace of mind that your project is in the best hands possible, resulting in a final outcome that will be long remembered once any discounted offer is forgotten!