August 2011
Fabric Area
Fabric Type
Ferrai 802s PVC

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Wynyard Quarter

The Karanga Plaza

Three weeks before the official opening of the new Wynyard Quarter waterfront development, Hilton Marran, of MPM Projects Ltd approached Shade Systems. They wanted us to provide a PVC cover for the information booth. We seized the job with both hands and our team swung into action with the clock ticking away the ten days that we had to the completion date.

Provided with a rough brief, a number of designs for the PVC cover were quickly drawn up, and the most suitable one chosen. We completed engineering in a record two days. Our team headed to Auckland to pick up the steel for the structure’s poles. After a long night of welding and many cups of coffee, one of our bleary-eyed team made the trip to the galvanisers. 24 hours later, the steel headed back to our factory, where it was sandblasted and painted.

We were almost ready to breathe a little sigh of relief. Then the next challenge made an appearance. The Karanga Plaza (or ‘Welcoming Point’) in the Wynyard Quarter sits on reclaimed land. This means our team had to contend with huge lumps of broken concrete, building rubbish and debris in order to bore the footings for the poles. Fast forward past a lot of sweat, hydraulic oil and energy drinks, and the poles were finally set and concreted in place.

This is indeed a very welcoming point

With the poles installed, work began on the PVC membrane. It was cut, welded, wired and tensioned in the space of three days, leaving us with a day to spare before our deadline. This meant we’d taken the entire job from design to completion in a record nine days – a feat we’ve come very close to, but never yet beaten!

The sail is positioned right at the centre of the new development and, along with the container stack beside it, is the focal point of the Karanga Plaza. The curves and twist of the fabric fit perfectly into the area’s nautical theme. It evokes images of a sea swell, seabird’s wing or yacht sails, while still maintaining its function to shelter the information kiosk.

With the sun reflecting off the harbour water and white curve of the sail, one can’t help but feel that this is indeed a very welcoming point.

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