January 2012
Fabric Area
Fabric Type
Hiraoka 102T

Waitemata Golf Course

At Shade Systems, we’re always keen to take a swing at a new kind of location, so when Bruce Ormiston, the Waitemata Golf Course general manager, approached us for options to cover his driving range, we were only too happy to assist him. Located on the eastern side of the course, the range was particularly vulnerable to Auckland’s notoriously bad Easterlies, meaning it was all but useless when the weather was anything less than stellar.

After visiting the site and testing wind strengths by observing the effects they had on airborne golf balls, Shade Systems presented Mr Ormiston with their designs for a fabric canopy with a steel frame. Not only was the design completely waterproof, but the fabric let a lot of light (while maintaining a UV block of 100%) through so the area beneath it would never feel dark or cold. Care was taken to ensure the front of the canopy rose high enough so as to not impede the swing of a club, while the back was low enough to protect range users from easterly wind and rain.

Maximum protection from the easterly weather

After a few hiccups involving the various consents required (which seem to have become par for the course), construction got underway and the structure was completed shortly afterwards. Angled to provide maximum protection from the previously mentioned easterly weather, the canopy looks great and club members have already found the advantages of it, not only in winter but also the hotter months.

As one member of the public was heard to say, “I bet that canopy is making golf course owners all over Auckland go green with envy.”