April 2015
Fabric Area
Fabric Type
Hiraoka 102T

"The design is fantastic and functional, the product is ideal, the service was excellent and the team worked around the clock to maintain deadlines - the overall experience was superb – I highly recommend Shade Systems to anyone.”

Turners & Growers

Turners & Growers

One of the many things that Shade Systems excels at is providing solutions – and that’s exactly what we did with A-Line Construction at the Turners and Growers building in Mt Wellington, Auckland. The company faced the issue of the loading bay areas being exposed to both inclement weather and harsh sunlight – neither of which were desirable when considering the staff and perishable nature of the goods being handled.

The combined length of the covers proposed was a record 180 metres long and provided shelter for both sides of the facility. Covered with PVC, the canopies would allow a high level of light transmission while being 100% waterproof to give shelter. A spouting and storm water management system was also fully integrated into the structure to prevent water running off the front of the canopy and hindering loading procedures.

Turn key solutions

Before the canopy was greenlit, Shade Systems provided a series of 3D renderings to show what the canopy would look like once complete. This provided the company with indisputable proof of the benefits the structure would offer and the project was given the go-ahead shortly after. Shade Systems took care of both the building consents and engineering required – a service we are prepared to offer to anyone who requires it.

With both canopies now complete, Turners and Growers will be well prepared to process their goods in and out, no matter what the weather throws at them!