February 2018
Fabric Area
Fabric Type
Hiraoka 102T SAC
HD galv with enamel finish

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"Just a short note to say the canopy was unaffected by the storm despite trees at the school giving way left right and centre and the school closing for 2 days! All credit to your design and construction team! Thanks again."

Andrew Steele, BOT - Three Kings School

Three Kings School

Three Kings School first inquired about a COLA (Covered Outdoor Learning Area) in 2013. Shade Systems worked with them and continually provided support with their decision making progress until 2017. This is when Deputy Chair, Andrew Steele and the Board Of Trustees gave us the go-ahead.

The COLA design they chose was the premium option with truss-beams. The premium option includes a PVC fabric with a 20-year warranty, painted framework, lighting and added nets to stop runaway balls.

Installation of the COLA proved a little difficult as the ground underneath is hard basalt rock. Days of digging was required to get through and remove the rocks for laying the foundations. Once the foundations were laid, the columns were put up and the structure and beams were assembled and attached. The waterproof PVC cover was tensioned on just before the students started back for the 2018 school year.

The COLA has been fitted with the add-on extras of LED lights for night time use and ball stop nets which slide along wire attaching to each end of the canopy. We also teamed up again with TigerTurf who supplied the artificial turf over the courts, it compliments the COLA canopy nicely. Overall, a very tidy project!

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