March 2008
Fabric Area
- m2
Fabric Type
Ferrari 702s PVC

Rosehill Special School

Now and again, an opportunity opens up which allows Shade Systems to display our passion for projects that are truly unique. The canopy over the courtyard at Rosehill Special School was one such project. What originally appeared to be a simple, straightforward job soon became a chance for Shade Systems to prove just how creative and versatile we can be.

The school required a waterproof canopy over a courtyard area that would also create a dry transition area between two separate buildings. However, due to the irregular shape of the space, a standard PVC canopy would have proved to be impractical. The design team at Shade Systems went into action, trying various ideas and concepts until a clear favourite emerged. Shaped like a gull’s wings and supported by centre poles only, the design would provide maximum shelter with minimal obstructions, both visual and physical. A central guttering system with integrated downpipes would also ensure that rainwater would be easily taken away from the site, keeping the space under the canopy as dry as possible.

A truly unique project

The school loved the design and the quote was green lit shortly after. Fabrication of the curving steel frame began in our workshop immediately, followed by the manufacture of the PVC membrane itself. Due to the unique shape of the membrane, some rather innovative planning was employed to ensure all cuts, seams and hems were exactly right. Ferrari 702s PVC was the fabric of choice, due to its high light transmission, long lifespan and 100% UV block.

Shortly afterwards, the canopy and frame were loaded onto a truck in the small hours of the morning and the installers headed to the site. Erected in record time to minimise disruption to the school’s schedule, the canopy now stands at the entrance to the school, providing an impressive welcome to staff, students and visitors as they come and go. With its soaring lines and clean white cover, it is a visual masterpiece that last will for years to come while still looking fantastic.