March 2013
Fabric Area
Fabric Type
Hiraoka 212T II PVC

Queenstown Zipride

Kawarau Zipride | AJ Hackett Bungy

Every now and then, Shade Systems is given the opportunity to work on a job that is truly unique – and this was certainly the case with the cover installed over the Kawerau Zip Ride launchpad in Queenstown! Situated high above the Kawerau River and Gorge, the launchpad is the starting point for many of the thrill seekers that flock to Queenstown in search of the buzz that only a huge shot of adrenalin can give.

The project began in 2012, when Shade Systems were approached by someone involved in the project, who had seen the sails we had manufactured for Wynyard Quarter in Auckland. Discussions commenced and by February 2013, a quote had been submitted, along with a number of design options for the canopy. Unlike other projects, the canopy itself was the only part of the job that we were involved in. This was due to the framework of the structure having to be incorporated into the zip ride itself for strength and structural purposes.

The cover itself was also required to meet certain aesthetic specifications, given that the site is a heritage site. A special silver fabric was located and brought in to the workshop, when fabrication commenced quickly.

The Shade Systems team achieves new heights…

By the end of February, our team was onsite to install the cover. Instructions had been given that the project had to be completed very quickly, in view of the official ribbon cutting ceremony by the Prime Minister shortly after. Perched around 50 metres up in the air, with a drop straight into the Kawerau River to one side, it was certainly not a job for the faint-hearted to tackle! However, the weather was kind and the prime view of the bungy jump upriver was an added bonus! Two days later, the project was completed and the team were able to get back onto solid ground again and breathe a sigh of relief…for a few minutes at least!

As a thanks for the work they’d done, the boys were given free passes to strap up and take the bungy jump from the bridge that they’d spent the last two days watching. A few minutes and a lot of screaming later, they were on their way back to the airport, congratulating each other on a job well done.

With its graceful curves and unique shape, the Queenstown canopy is certainly a very attractive addition to the already stunning location. We definitely enjoyed this project – in fact, you could say the memories of it make some of us go weak at the knees!