July 2014
Fabric Area
Fabric Type
Ferrari 702s PVC

“We were very impressed with the professionalism of Shade Systems. They assisted in providing design solutions for a unique installation, were timely and cost effective."

Colin Mitchell, General Manager - Q-West Boat Builders

Q-West Boat Builders

There’s nothing the Shade Systems team enjoys more than a good challenge, so when Q-West Boat Builders approached us to work with them on the new Fullers ferry, we jumped at the chance. The job required a waterproof canopy to cover the upper deck of the ferry, which would allow passengers to still enjoy the sea breeze and 180 degree views while remaining sheltered from sea spray and/or bad weather. Plans of the new twin hulled ship were provided, and the design team went to work on a range of ideas.

A number of options were floated, including a 3-dimensionally shaped roof. However, it was the flat membrane which was decided on as the design of choice. Very slightly curved to prevent water from pooling atop the canopy, this design fitted into the sleek overall look of the ship, allowing her clean and sharp lines to continue uninterrupted.

Working together

Once the manufacture of the cover was completed in the workshop, the installers headed to the shipyard in Wanganui to complete the fitting of the cover. This was completed in a mere two days and was highly rewarding and satisfying as we watched dozens of tradespeople work together to transform the project from a dull aluminium object into a bright and luxurious finished ferry.

The new ferry, christened Te Kotuku, made her maiden voyage in September 2014 and is proving a hugely useful and valued part of the Fullers Auckland commuter fleet. She has expectations of a 30 year career in the Hauraki Gulf, and features specifically designed for work conditions. Not only that, she sets a new level of service, comfort and features for commuters and tourist passengers alike and Shade Systems are proud to have been involved in this unique project.