March 2017
Fabric Area
Fabric Type
Hiraoka 212T IIE PVC
HD galv with enamel finish

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"Shade Systems were great to work with and created an awesome covered area at Pt Chevalier School."

Liz McKenzie, Project Manager - Pt Chevalier School

Pt Chevalier School

The shape of the future

Pt Chevalier School in Auckland is home to over 700 students. As the school roll has increased significantly in the past decade, the site has required some clever planning to solve space issues.  Shade Systems were able to help, and with the construction of the COLA (Covered Outdoor Learning Area), many of the school’s aims have been reached.


  • Get kids onto the field more often
  • Improve the surface for all-season use
  • Create space for all sports, including an u-10 football field
  • Develop areas for community use

Action Plan

  • Redevelop courts and field for all-season use
  • Provide a shading canopy that provides protection against all weather conditions

School is FUN…

“I believe in having fun and growing children who are happy and optimistic about their future.” – Stephen Lethbridge, Principal, Pt Chevalier School.

With the COLA recently erected at their school, now every child at Pt Chevalier School has a greater chance of having fun and being happy and optimistic about their future. The 594m² COLA, designed and installed by Shade Systems, provides a much needed covered area for the children to play under with shelter from all weathers.

Playing is fun right? And it makes you happy. So with a canopy that allows the children at Pt Chevalier School to enjoy games and have fun while protected from New Zealand’s harsh UV, they’re happy… and of course, their future looks a little more optimistic!

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