March 2008
Fabric Area
Fabric Type
Duraskin 650 PVC

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Onerahi School

The Onerahi School decided it was time to give two of their classroom blocks a facelift. They employed the services of John E Cooper Architects to complete the project. Shade Systems were approached once the project had commenced to provide a quote for a waterproof canopy that would run along the front of the two blocks. The sales team worked with our designers to come up with a design that would not only provide the necessary shade and shelter to the buildings but also be visually complementary to the area.

The quote for a 30m long PVC cover over a steel frame was accepted in due course. Benefits of this option included waterproof shelter for students during breaks, shade for the interior of the classrooms and 100% UV block. This UV protection meant that students and staff would be kept protected from the dangers of radiation during break times. Furthermore, it ensured that the interiors of the classrooms would not fade over time.

Designed for maximum visual impact

The frame itself features curved steel beams along the front edge of the structure. This minimises the number of supports required. This ensures the view from inside the buildings has minimal visual interruptions. The reduction in the framework also has an aesthetic benefit when viewed from the outside. The school remains bright and open looking and examples of students work in the classroom windows can still be easily viewed.

The new walkway structures and improvements to the ground have certainly given Onerahi School a new lease of life. Shade Systems are proud to have been involved in such a successful project!

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