November 2008
Maungatapere, Northland
Fabric Area
Fabric Type
Ferrari 702s PVC

Maungatapere School

In 2008, Shade Systems was approached by members of the Maungatapere School B.O.T and asked if we would be able to put forward a quote for the design and build of a shade cover over their poolside grandstand. This would include the demolition and removal of the old seating and the construction of an entirely new grandstand area.

We knew from the start that the canopy would need to be waterproof to allow spectators to remain sheltered should it rain while the pool was in use. This was to be fitted over a galvanised curved steel frame, which would ensure rusting was kept to a bare minimum, if not eliminated (an important consideration when installing structures around chlorinated pool water). The design also included a Zincalume fence that ran along the back of the structure and down to the ground at both ends of the grandstand, providing shelter for spectators seated on any one of the four tiers of seats.

Practical, functional and aesthetically pleasing

The seating itself was designed to permit storage of the pool cover below the top tier of seats, solving a difficult storage issue and ensuring the area would remain uncluttered looking. This was particularly important, given the fairly tight location of the pool and surrounding fencing. Constructed from galvanised steel and tannalised timber for the benches themselves, the completed structure is a winning combination of both rustic and modern architectural looks, ensuring the design will not lose its visual appeal in coming years.

Overall, the canopy is highly practical and functional, while still maintaining a great aesthetic appeal too.

Other projects completed at Maungatapere School by Shade Systems include hip roofs, shade sails, striking twin hypar sails over the senior adventure playground and a solar shield canopy between blocks of classrooms. These provide students with places to play in bad weather and also offer protection from sunburn and UV radiation during summer and autumn. The relationship between Shade Systems and the school has been one that has lasted for well over 14 years, and we look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.