January 2009
Fabric Area
- m2
Fabric Type
Monotec 370

Kerikeri Library

After driving past the Kerikeri District Library one windy day, we couldn’t help but notice that the shade sails over the playground outside were looking a little worse for wear. Although once smart and stylish, the four sails of the structure had become loose and stretched, lending a somewhat shabby air to the place. The loose sails also posed a very real danger to the public and anyone who used the playground in windy weather conditions.

Shade Systems then contacted Mr John Hayward, the parks Manager for the Far North District Council, and presented him with an alternative. This, it was proposed, would be made of Monotec fabric, which does stretch or disintegrate, thanks to the unique method of using only monofilaments in the knitting. It was also suggested that the old timber poles be replaced with those made of galvanised steel, which would last much longer and be far less susceptible to deterioration.

A bright and fresh look

The proposal was accepted and the new sails were installed quickly. Made of alternating blue and white fabric and sweeping up to form a graceful cone shape, the new structure immediately lends the area a bright and fresh look. Combined with the new stone pillar sculptures which have recently been installed alongside the playground, the appearance of the library has certainly improved vastly.

The new shade has proved to be a real draw card over the hot summer months and parents can now let their children play without having to worry about unsafe shade structures, ensuring oncoming generations are protected, both from injury and sun damage.