October 2010
Fabric Area
Fabric Type
Ferrari 702s PVC

Kerikeri High School

Restoration project

In 2010, Kerikeri High School fell victim to suspected arson, which saw four classrooms (including a computer suite) destroyed by the fire. The walkway canopy which ran along the front of the block of classrooms also sustained heavy damage, with large portions of the PVC riddled with holes from sparks and embers. Shade Systems worked with A-Line Construction to restore the site to its original state.

This involved moving an existing walkway canopy which had been installed by Shade Systems some time earlier. This had been designed to match architecture and other structures around the school, including circular sections of steelwork. Thanks to this careful design work, the structure fitted into the new setting perfectly, without disrupting the aesthetic of the surrounding architecture. The only structural work on the structure that the relocation involved was the extension of the legs of the frame – something that Shade Systems also took care of.

Practical, functional and aesthetically pleasing

The seating itself was designed to permit storage of the pool cover below the top tier of seats, solving a difficult storage issue and ensuring the area would remain uncluttered looking. This was particularly important, given the fairly tight location of the pool and surrounding fencing. Constructed from galvanised steel and tannalised timber for the benches themselves, the completed structure is a winning combination of both rustic and modern architectural looks, ensuring the design will not lose its visual appeal in coming years.