April 2010
Fabric Area
Fabric TYpe
Hiraoka PVC

Kamo High School

In 2010, Kamo High School approached Shade Systems looking for a shade solution over the area outside their new tuck shop. Students queuing to buy and collect lunches were left exposed to the sun in summer and wind and rain during the wet winter months. The Shade Systems design team finalised the idea of covering the space with two overlapping PVC structures. This would not only provide much needed shade, but also offered a waterproof cover for students, should the weather turn bad. A number of shade sails were also incorporated into the periphery of the area, creating a space where students and staff could sit and socialise during break times.

The unique design of the canopy not only looks great, it also provides a very necessary function. Built into the chunky framework of the cover is a concealed stormwater system which catches rainwater and removes it from the roof via hidden gutters and downpipes. This ensures water does not pond on the roof, increasing the lifespan of the cover and also means students avoid being wet by runoff when coming and going from under the roof.

A dramatic architectural feature

The finished PVC canopy, with its bold steel frame and slightly twisted shape, is a dramatic architectural feature that really lends the space around it an impressive look. The angles of the frame mirror those of the surrounding buildings roofs, ensuring that the canopy fits into the overall look of the school without standing out or unduly clashing with existing architecture. This can be attributed to the careful work of the Shade Systems design team, the clear direction the school had in mind for the project and a fantastic show of teamwork between the two parties.