June 2011
Kaikohe, Northland
Fabric Area
Fabric Type
Hiraoka 212T-IIE PVC
HD Galvanised

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Kaikohe West School

Kaikohe West School – ‘A dream come true’

It took 20 years of planning, but Kaikohe West School has finally realised a dream. It has been passed down from principal to principal. The completion of a $1 million performing arts and sports centre had the school and wider community buzzing with excitement. The new venue includes a modern multi-purpose building with a kitchen, stage and conference rooms. Additionally, there is a 30m x 18m PVC canopy over the court area adjacent. The courts were resurfaced with Astroturf to complete the look of shiny newness that the complex seems to emit.

Brought together under one roof

The canopy is the centrepiece and key feature of the new development. It creates a unique centre when a combination of sporting and cultural events are literally brought together under one roof. The school will be able to continue with netball and hockey practices year-round, rain or shine, much to the delight of Principal Hamish Ruawai. “Sport brings parents into the school and that’s good for the school.” We will also be able to hold assemblies, games, concerts and Kapa Haka performances throughout the year under the canopy – something Mr Ruawai is very happy about. “We’re really proud of our kids, and want people to see them and hear them.”

Mr Ruawai’s predecessor, Barbara Wards, was principal of the school for 15 years, always had a dream of having a school hall. Ms Wards worked hard with both parents and staff to raise funds to help make that happen. Finally, this is something she has seen, and now, “we really want to celebrate that it’s about the Kaikohe community.”

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