December 2009
Fabric Area
Fabric Type
Ferrari 702s PVC

Hikurangi School

Situated in the upper North Island, Hikurangi School faces a problem that every North Islander can identify with – the notorious weather which means the region can often literally experience four seasons in one day. As a consequence, the school needed some sort of cover over the new decking and courtyard area outside their newly refurbished classroom block. Shade Systems was approached, and two options were put to the school for consideration – an L shaped canopy which provided cover over the deck area only, and a PVC cover which covered both the deck and courtyard and offered the school a year round, all weather outdoor space.

The school decided on the second option, and the Shade Systems team went to work on fabricating the steel frame and PVC cover. The latter was made from Ferrari 702s PVC, which allows a very high amount of light to be transmitted through the fabric while still remaining completely water and UV radiation proof. This is means the space underneath remains open and airy feeling and does not appear shadowy or closed in.

A great addition

Because this was a larger structure, Shade Systems also managed the acquiring of all necessary consents and permits from the Whangarei District Council – a service we offer to all of our customers.

The completed canopy has been a great addition to the school, increasing their usable outdoor space and giving the students a great place to play and socialise during both summer and winter months. The clean white arch of the cover also looks fantastic with the brightly painted classrooms underneath, creating a highly attractive visual feature on the school grounds.