December 2017
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Plexiglas Satin Ice

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Halswell Commons Park

The ‘Flower Shades’ concept at Halswell Commons came from landscape architect Angie Brown. She submitted her funky idea to us near the beginning of 2017. This design was something “out of the box”. However, we were up for the challenge and put a quote forward. We were successful.

Our original idea was to insert polycarbonate panels as the shade and shelter protection part of the structure. Matthew Boakes, our Business Development Manager, did extensive research and found a superior product called Plexiglas which is manufactured in Germany. It comes in numerous colours, transmits light, it is incredibly strong and most importantly provides UV protection. Therefore we chose Plexiglas to manufacture the Flower Shades.

The design and materials used in these shading structures were very important. They needed to be sturdy and vandal proof. Thus each flower petal had to be carefully cut to fit perfectly into the framework.

As a result, on the 8th of December 2017, a record hot day in Christchurch, a couple of our install team members assembled and erected the flower shades at the Halswell Commons Park.

As this area of Christchurch City continues to develop and families move into the city,  certainly, the park will be a well-utilised space.

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