New Zealand
Fabric Area
4.2m2 (each)
Fabric Type
Hiraoka 102T II PVC

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"From the initial concept and client brief to the ongoing development of this product we have found Shade System excellent to deal with."

Karl Mischewski, Retail Development Manager - Gull New Zealand

Gull NZ

As part of a recent rollout of their new nationwide self-service stations, Gull NZ contacted Shade Systems produce a range of concept designs of shelters to be built over their pump and pay stations. The design team went to work. We produced a number of concepts ranging from traditional box roofing to frames with elegant curves and fabric coverings. Gull favoured the latter as the design of choice. They liked the unique look and the similarities to a gull’s spread wings.

Once a design was finalised and the project was greenlit, production of the frames and covers began. This led to a few rather memorable experiences. We worked next door to the Hampton Downs race track! It’s not every day that your job takes you to an international racing track!

An ongoing partnership

The canopies have become something of an ongoing project as more sites around the country emerge and are fitted out. To date, we have completed shelters for five stations across the North Island. Five more stations are coming up soon around the North Island and more are happening in the long term.
The new sites look fantastic. They look clean and bright with the light reflecting off the white fabric of the canopy membranes. Gull customers have no doubt experienced the benefits of these structures. They help to keep them shielded from the weather, regardless of whether it’s sunny or wet.

“Gull New Zealand Limited  worked closely with Shade Systems for over 5 years on the design, development, manufacturing and installation of our Gull-wing canopies throughout New Zealand. From the initial concept and client brief to the ongoing development of this product, we have found Shade System excellent to deal with.  They went the extra mile and well beyond being ‘just a canopy company’ to help us deliver a groundbreaking and innovative concept for shelter and lighting on our ‘Drive Thru’ service station forecourts.  The Gull-wing canopy has now become an integral part of our brands look and feel.” – Karl Mischewski, Retail Development Manager