October 2011
Fabric Area
Fabric Type
Ferrari 802s PVC
HD Galvanised

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"The construction went smoothly as the team were very skilled in this area. We would have no hesitation in recommending Shade Systems to any schools or property developers, the children and the community just love it (the COLA)."

Noel Timms, Caretaker - Glenbervie School

Glenbervie School

Constructing the COLA canopy at Glenbervie School in Whangarei proved to be a lesson in patience for both Shade Systems and the school itself. The project dragged through 18 months of planning and negotiations with the Ministry of Education. They submitted and resubmitted applications. Changes were made to plans. Just when it seemed like the school might never get the canopy they so badly wanted, they received consent. Construction got underway quickly.

The finished canopy covers two-thirds of the school’s top court area. It has turned what was a rather ordinary court space into an all-weather sports area, gala day central point and assembly area that is usable year-round. Netball tournaments, both school-based and those including wider community members, are held here on a regular basis.

Delighted with the completed structure

The construction of the Glenbervie COLA is slightly different from that of other schools. Most canopies have the arch of the roof running across the court width-ways. However this COLA runs the opposite way. This was to allow the extension of the structure across further courts at a later date. This structure has higher sides which offer much less protection against inclement weather than those of a traditional COLA canopy.  This is because this structure has transformed the court into an area that can be utilised by both school and members of the community, regardless of the weather.

Needless to say, Principal Paul Shepherd and the staff of Glenbervie School say the months of waiting and red tape were all worth it. They are delighted with the completed structure.

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