April 2015
Fabric Area
Fabric Type
Hiraoka 212T-IIE PVC
HD galv with enamel finish

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"I would strongly recommend the COLA canopy and I think that Shade Systems gave us excellent advice! I would listen to everything they say and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them!"

Judith Howe, EO - Gladstone School

Gladstone Primary School Sports Court

Whatever the weather

Shade Systems worked closely with Gladstone School to help them cover one of their outdoor sports courts. This included the procurement of consents, managing dealings with the Auckland council as well as the fabrication and installation of the canopy itself.

Site work on the Gladstone School COLA commenced as early autumn rains arrived. It turned the excavated ground into a muddy bog. The installation team slogged on through the mud, with stuck boots and almost bogged vehicles becoming a regular occurrence. This also made navigating the scissor lifts and cranes an interesting challenge. In the end, we got there. The frame and cover were installed in 8 days, despite the weather-induced disruptions to our schedule. A number of shade sails over the junior sandpit were installed during this period of time as well.

We faced another on-site challenge during construction working around the retaining walls which surrounded the court. These were old, made of stone and were marked as heritage. Thus special care had to be taken not to knock, damage or drill through any of them while the frame was being erected.

Year-round cover

With the court covered in, the TigerTurf team went to work, with the turf laying being completed quickly (partly thanks to the weather protection the COLA gave the workers, allowing them to continue work despite rain moving in).

The completed canopy has allowed Gladstone School to increase their winter curriculum, with PE classes and after school activities now being able to continue as planned, even if the weather is less than favourable. In summer, the canopy also provides much-needed shade and shelter for students, thanks to the UV protection that the PVC offers.

On completion, every student at Gladstone received a free soccer ball from Shade Systems as a thank you. We believe it’s important to give back to communities who provide us with these opportunities.

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