October 2017
Fabric Area
COLA - 84m2 Canopy - 59m2
Fabric Type
COLA - Hiraoka 212T IIE SAC PVC Canopy - Translucent PVC
COLA - HD galv Canopy - HD galv with enamel finish

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Fairburn School

Shade Systems worked with the Fairburn School to provide COLA’s (Covered Outdoor Learning Area) in different areas for the school. Our COLA canopies are designed and manufactured entirely in New Zealand. We also offer an unlimited range of colour options for the steelwork. Thus your structure can match or blend into an existing colour scheme. They chose these lighter options which fit in perfectly with the rest of their esthetic.

The covered areas can now be used in all kinds of weather.  Due to the material used the COLA canopies provide shading and protection against the elements.

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