November 2010
Fabric Area
Fabric Type
Hiraoka 212T-IIE PVC
HD glav with enamel finish

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"Once this (Court Canopy) was built, Crossfit wanted one as well."

Derek Rope, General Manager - College Rifles

College Rifles Sport Club

Bringing the outside in

While living in Auckland certainly has a number of advantages, the often inclement weather can prove to be a downside. This is especially true when the netball season falls in what is often the wettest part of the year. This was the problem College Rifles Rugby Union Football & Sports Club faced when they approached Shade Systems. Shade Systems previously dealt with club manager, Derek Rope. Thus Shade Systems were his first port of call for a solution. And we had just the answer to the problem he faced.

Sporting facilities to enjoy all year round

Since covering the courts, the number of users has increased hugely. This included a professional tennis coach who says he can play any weather now and the special surface gives it a ‘clay’ type rebound and quite a fast game. The netball girls absolutely love it as well. They can now hone their skills while staying warm and dry. There will be no more standing around in the wet and cold since we brought the outside inside at College Rifles!

Mr Rope requested for a ‘complete waterproof solution for the coming year’, our team worked with the club from the initial design concept through to construction and installation of the finished canopy. The court space is used for sports activities and good visibility is a must-have. Thus we used a PVC tensile membrane with high translucency for the roof, allowing natural lighting without glare or shadows during the day. Large downlights were also installed for night-time training and games. The light reflects off the underside of the canopy to give an even distribution of light over the entire playing surface.

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