October 2013
Fabric Area
Fabric Type
Hiraoka 212T-IIE SAC PVC
HD Galvanised

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"It’s certainly made my job a lot easier because I’m out there every day. It’s been absolutely fantastic – brilliant in the wintertime, but it was also really useful in the summer when it was too hot out on the field."

Rachael Jeffs, PE Teacher - Cockle Bay School

Cockle Bay School

Covered Outdoor Learning Area

“How fast are you?”

That’s the question that was put to our head salesman during a presentation to the Cockle Bay School Board of Trustees chairman and the principal of the school, Graeme Lomas. Mr Lomas had seen the COLA canopy structure we had erected previously at Cornwall Park School and knew immediately that that was what he wanted to cover the sports courts at Cockle Bay. The school had a gala day approaching and wanted to know if we could have the project completed by then.

Thanks to the drive of Mr Lomas, the project quickly reached the proposal stage, cutting out months of to-ing and fro-ing that tend to mark Ministry of Education projects. This was duly submitted, along with a number of posters showing concept drawings and previous projects. It wasn’t long before other members of the staff and board of trustees were lending the project their support.


Given the green light

Six weeks later, as winter rains set in, the proposal was given the green light and the Shade Systems team went into action. The groundwork was quickly completed and the 32m by 19m PVC cover was fabricated in record time. The installation was completed a mere ten days later, including the construction of the steel framework.

The canopy has proved to be a big success with members of the Cockle Bay School community, especially the man that made it happen, Graeme Lomas, who says it “looks fantastic.” Now the school can make use of their court areas, regardless of the weather, meaning Auckland’s rain won’t be putting a damper on the enthusiasm of the students and community any time soon.

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