August 2017
Fabric Area
Fabric Type
Hiraoka 212T IIE PVC
HD galv with enamel finish

"We meet on a regular basis throughout our project and they were always providing updates and work progression. The structure they have built at our school is fantastic and it's a big attraction from our community."

Ed Roper, Deputy Principal - Bucklands Beach Intermediate

Bucklands Beach Intermediate

The Sports Cloud

By now, a lot of schools in the area would have heard about the latest asset at Bucklands Beach Intermediate – a large canopy covering their netball and playing courts. The sheer size of this structure is impressive and the design is ‘out of the box’ but the functional side to this canopy is incomparable. The uses are unlimited; rainy-day sports, outdoor assemblies, gala days, outside teaching space (not affected by weather) and yet the primary reason for building this structure was to encourage the students to get outside.

Principal Diane Parkinson felt that students growing up in New Zealand should spend more time outdoors, and for her students, this COLA canopy was the answer to that. With a large area covered, there is now ample room for the whole school to utilise any time of the year.

When the tender opportunity came up, it was a chance for Shade Systems to showcase their design and build skills in what was to be the largest covered courts for a primary/middle school in New Zealand. And ‘showcase’ it is! Absolutely stunning piece of architecture that every junior school in the country will envy.

The project (which Shade Systems completely project managed), is nearing completion now and the “BBI Sports Cloud” was officially opened on August 25th. The ‘Grand Opening’ was a ceremony that included over 1100 students, staff, parents and onlookers. The School’s annual Road Race was held that day with the finish line being under the new canopy.

Overall – a fantastic facility for an exceptional school!

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