November 2013
Fabric Area
Fabric Type
Monotec 370

"Shade Systems have consistently provided competitive pricing and a high quality product. The staff are skilled, providing expertise on the best design for the shelter we require, they are always friendly and helpful."

Spencer Jellyman, Technical Officer - Whangarei District Council

Beach Road, Onerahi

Outdoors summer activities in Northland, New Zealand, can be lots of fun for both parents and kids, thanks to the huge selection of beaches available and hot, sunny weather. Sunburn, on the other hand, is anything but enjoyable, as anyone can tell you. That was the problem faced by the Whangarei District Council when they approached Shade Systems to discuss options for covering two playgrounds on Beach Road in Onerahi. The location was fantastic and well used – two play areas above the beach, overlooking Limestone Island and the harbour – and the council felt it was time to do their bit to protect the members of the public who used them.

Carefully designed to blend in

Having covered various other areas of their city, the council had a clear idea of what they needed for the Beach Road project. The two hip roof structures that Shade Systems installed were carefully designed to blend in with the existing surroundings so as not to interrupt the terrific view. The framework was painted a natural colour and the shade fabric was coloured to match. In the installation phase of the project, much care was also taken to ensure no native plants were harmed and that dirt was removed from site to prevent sedimentation of the storm water system.

In order to keep the shades looking their best, an on-going arrangement between Shade Systems and the Whangarei Council sees the shades taken down every winter to be stored and cleaned or repaired as necessary.

The shade covers have proved to be a massive hit with parents and community members alike. Kids can now get out and enjoy all the benefits summer can offer without the danger of sunburn and skin damage – something parents everywhere are grateful for.