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Create better school environments for learning and play

School Shade Structures provide more opportunities for physical activity and exercise at school.

Safe and comfortable spaces for outdoor activities, which help promote healthy habits, Shade Systems provides Covered Outdoor Learning Areas (COLA Canopies), Playground Shade Covers & more shade solutions.

Shade Structures help reduce heat stress for students in hot weather, and allow outdoor learning and play in rainy conditions, increasing school time spent outdoors.

Get better outcomes for your School’s students with one of our many school shade options.

Key features

  • Sun and rain protection. Our Cola Canaopies are 100% waterproof. Our Shade Sails block up to 95% of harmful UV rays

  • Product warranty: 5-15 years. All our shade solutions carry robust warranties. We use structurally engineered galvanised RHS steel framework and fixings for ultimate safety and durability. View our full warranties here. 

  • Lead time: 3 – 6 months. From confirmation of contract.

  • Council consent required. We take care of the consent process

  • Cover small to large sized areas.

  • A more affordable price.  We have a range of shade solutions, our team of shade specialists always take the budget into account and can accommodate all schools, to provide great options.

  • Choice of material, opacities, and paint finishes. All our shade options are fully customised to your aesthetic and branding. We will work with you to create a look and color palette that fits into the vision and ethos of your school. 

  • 100 % turn-key solution. We take care of the design, council consents, manufacture, installation, maintenance, and more with our experienced in-house, NZ-based team.

School Shade Options

  • COLA Canopies (Covered Outdoor Learning Areas)

  • Playground Shade Protection

  • Covered Walkways

  • Gathering or eating areas

  • Carpark shade and shelters

  • Connecting one building to another 

Friendly staff, good communication, skilled at their job and a brilliant product!

Sally Wilson, Kamo Primary School.