Year round enjoyment with COLA canopies

Want to use your outdoor learning area at your school every day without having to worry about what the weather is doing?

The COLA (Covered Outdoor Learning Area) by Shade Systems is the solution you need. Wide clear-span school canopy designs, unique aesthetics, and stunning shape designs are merely a few of the benefits that this premium designer shade structure has to offer.

Now you can block harmful UV radiation without losing light.  The revolutionary fabric used in COLA canopies for school playground coverings makes it a front runner playground covering option. When it comes to shades for schools, we’ve got you covered!

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Covered Outdoor Learning Area

Tensile Membrane Series Canopies

We construct our COLA from the highest quality steelwork, rigorously tested to ensure no sub-standard materials. These structures with their graceful curves will set your school’s outdoor learning area apart instantly. Available in a wide selection of fabrics ranging from medium to very high light transmission and at any size for your convenience.

We design and manufacture our COLA canopies entirely in New Zealand. We also offer an unlimited range of colour options for the steelwork, should your structure need to match or blend into an existing colour scheme.

Multiple Functions

Our Covered Outdoor Learning Areas provide shade for schools with multiple functions and expand what your school can do. When considering your school shade structures, our COLA school canopies are ideal for playground cover or sports arena coverings.

High Quality Investment

These playground covering structures are a high investment item.  Thus we dedicate ourselves to ensuring you get exactly what you want. In view of achieving this, we offer the following services to you as a customer:

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COLA (Covered Outdoor Learning Spaces)

Large Clearspan Canopies


COLA Information Overview

COLA (Covered Outdoor Learning Spaces)

Cola Canopy Ironman Series

The Ironman Series offer a 100% protection from harmful UV rays, allow for superior air flow and keep the space dry in wet weather. Features we offer with our steel framed structures and covered outdoor learning areas include partial or total wall cladding for extra protection, padded round posts for safety and curved rooflines to give buildings an attractive finish.

COLA Ironman Series

COLA (Covered Outdoor Learning Spaces)

Court Canopy – for covered outdoor sports

Optimise your outdoor spaces

COLA Information Overview

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