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Free form PVC Tensile Membrane

Tensile Membrane

Freedom of design with Tensile Membrane

Tensile membrane structures take shade coverings and translate them into a whole new level of architecture. Their lightweight and free-form design do away with conventional building parameters and constraints to provide an unlimited scope and freedom of design. The uses are many: from walkways to covered lunch areas, to school playground coverings. Tension shade structures are in a class of their own!

Giving you a light, airy, but protected shade system

Using exhaustively tested and proven fabrics, Shade Systems now offers a broad range of translucent fabrics. This ensures your shade canopy lets through the natural light, while still blocking out harmful UV radiation. You no longer have to forgo pleasant coolness in favour of shade that feels damp and cold.

We cover every stage from design, through to dealing with legal requirements, planning and installation. Also, because we care the most for you and the next generation, we are committed to providing products which will offer protection against sun-related skin damage.

We’re pleased to offer the option of care and maintenance of your Shade Systems Tensile Membrane structure. This won’t be a very common occurrence, due to improved fabric coatings that provide exceptional dirt and wear resistance. It goes up looking great – and it stays that way.

Your imagination is the only constraint when it comes to these tension shade structures.
Contact Shade Systems now to see how you could enhance your outdoor space with a shade structure!

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